Avaliable by Karin Ireland

Some of the books I’ve written are still in print and are available in bookstores.

*The Job Survival Instruction Book, third edition, is a fun quick look at ways to be both happier and more successful at work. It was just released May 2010; ask for it at Barnes&Noble or your other favorite bookstore.

*Wonderful Nature, Wonderful You, is a children’s picture book that gently explains some of life’s ways, while giving children an opportunity to explore ways they are wonderful just the way they are. The paperback version can still be ordered at any bookstore.

*Don’t Take Your Snake for a Stroll, is a picture book in silly rhyme. Nothing deep here, it’s just for laughs.

*Learning to Trust Myself: Lessons from Cancer and Other Life Dilemmas, is available from my website , or the revised version can be ordered on Kindle from Amazon.

I’ve also recorded three CDs of guided imagery that are available from my website:

Guided Imagery: Messages of Wellness During Surgery

Guided Imagery: Peace and Calmness Before and After Surgery

Guided Imagery: Reduce or Eliminate Discomfort/Pain


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